Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Hoody - Everday Survival Clothing

The hoody, (aka hoodie, kangaroo, or bunnyhug) is the kind of simple and relatively inexpensive clothing item that can be very useful in almost any survival situation. The kind I recommend is the full zip version with front pockets. The material is not super important (any hoody is better than no hoody) though some fabrics are certainly superior to others. I usually favor an under armour zip up hoody as they fit me well, are very comfortable, decent for either warm or cold weather, and are quick drying.

The full zipper allows easy on/easy off and effective ventilation. The front pockets are useful for carrying all sorts of items, and the hoody is useful for protection against sun, wind, cold, bugs, dust, etc. Having a hood is an enormous benefit and provides a simple flip-up layer for cold weather. I wear or at least carry one of these with me everywhere. We don't get a lot of rain here so this is more useful to me that a zip up hooded shell, I have the one use ponchos and a few giant orange garbage bags for really wet, unexpected weather.

Simple, relativey cheap, multi-use, appropriate wear for most settings (won't attract attention). Now that's an EDC survival item.

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