Sunday, June 19, 2011

Cold Steel Recon Scout Knife Modification

In my previous review post of the Recon Scout, I said that the "only real negative about the knife is that I absolutely hate the guard" and that I could see why some people (saw some online) would cut off the back part.

I finally did it too!

It hurt a little to deface this knife but I had to try it. This isn't a pretty display knife, it's a knife I intend to use hard around camp. It's not going to stay "pretty" so why not make it even more functional? More functional for me at least.

My fancy mod involved a hacksaw, a file, and some anti-rust black spray paint for after. At first I just cut off about half of the back guard. Was OK but in the end I took off all of it. The handle got rubbed a little, the file work is amateurish, the spray paint is very bush league - but it's functional, it looks good enough in my eyes and I LOVE IT!!!!

The knife is pretty much perfect now. Losing the guard may not be the best thing for a tactical/fighting knife but that's not what I will ever use the knife for and it's not a great knife for that anyway - too heavy and I don't like the handle for a fighting knife*. It's still more than capable of emergency use along those lines but its use as a camp/woods knife, a super strong, super thick piece of steel, is where it excels. Now I have a usable finger choil (works for my small fingers) for more fine work. I didn't like the idea of bashing the back of that guard when batoning either, makes a nice smooth line along the back (well, smoothish if we ignore the ugly cut marks).

If I ever get a new camera I'll do a video or pics.

This mod isn't for everyone and it certainly will reduce (if not eliminate) the possibility of selling the knife, but it's great for me.

The sheath still works the same, no change to retention. I am planning on getting a new kydex sheath anyway, I can get a smaller sheath now and something that won't rattle. I found a new kydex guy on ebay, he does great work.

*For a pure fighting knife at a cheap price, consider the Cold Steel OSS.


  1. Cool! good luck with the mods to your scout; As for the OSS ; just pick up the Black Bear Classic.
    The Guard on the OSS is Kraton and will absorb the full nastiness of an incoming blade at the cost of losing your fingers. I chose the Natchez and cut a section of inner tube and slid this over the handle to get more purchase on my grips..

  2. Thanks, as much as it pained me to butcher the knife I like it much better now. That Black Bear Classic looks like a fantastic knife if you can afford it.

    I love the Natchez bowie - or at least the videos and pictures, have not yet had the pleasure of handling one. Great tip about using an inner tube.