Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Too Many Knives

I've made past mention of my efforts to reduce my ridiculous knife collection on ebay - so far, I've managed to do some major whittling down but there are still a lot to sell.

Now it's time for some of the more tough decisions. I want to reduce what I own down to just three useful categories:

1. EDC Knives - folding and fixed blade

My current EDC knives are:

- Benchmade Griptilian 550HG
- Boker Fred Perrin neck bowie
- some crappy throw away keychain folders, one in pocket and one on my keyring

The one change I am going to make is I am going to switch to the Spyderco Yojimbo 2 when it comes available (got my pre-order in), I was able to handle a prototype and it's freaking awesome.

2. Large Survival Knives - some tough decisions here plus these can be the hardest to sell online due to the high shipping cost.

I think I am going with:

- Cold Steel Recon Scout
- Fallkniven A1

The CS is awesome but I still want to get some kydex sheaths - there's some cash out of pocket :(

I was going to sell the A1 but I think it could come in handy if I move to BC with its year-round wet climate. We plan to be on the water a lot more too. I already have a very strong retention kydex sheath for it and I think it will be my "strap to my leg in case I have to build my own civilization after I fall in the river while boating" knife.

I may keep an Ontario Rat 5 knife as well, still undecided.

3. Small Survival Knives - I am keeping my box full of $10 mora knives. I generally favor the 511 for the protruding guard and yes, I know that real bushcraft people everywhere are gasping in horror and that real men don't need guards on their knives. It's just safer and I prefer it that way. So there! :)

I will probably keep a couple of serrated river knives also, I have some quick deploying titanium knives that I attach to life vests.

Everything else must go *sigh* except for some machetes, they are handy and aren't worth selling due to low dollar value/high shipping cost.

I am selling all my "tactical" or fighting knives and all my other folding knives. What a terrible waste of money. I have no need for them and it's better to have a use version and a spare of a knife I am used to rather than constantly rotating my carry knives. Or just leaving them in a box collecting dust.


  1. Do you have anything fixed blade that would fit a female grip? I'm looking for a fixed blade right now and I don't mind used.

  2. Hi Jennie, I might, would depend on what you are looking for. Survival knife? Fighting knife? Mix of those? Small? Large? Open carry or concealed carry? Stainless or carbon steel? Any idea what your budget is? I have quite a few different kinds.

    You can also email me at if you prefer.

  3. If you are looking for a knife designed for women, you could consider the Fallkniven WM1. I love Fallkniven knives, they are a little expensive but can be worth it depending on what you want to do with them. There are 2 steels available for this knife, one a lot cheaper than the other, the VG-10 is $80 on knifeworks, you might find it even cheaper somewhere else.

    I have never used or even handled the WM1 but it might be something that works for you. It's full tang, great steel and very light - but very small also.