Monday, March 14, 2011

Ebay selling update

So far no complaints and no returns but I have had several "when did my item ship" and "why isn't my item here" yet questions. Not sure why people can't see the "your item has shipped email" or look at the item and see the ship for shipping times, wow, some people are pretty impatient. When you pay for regular shipping you can't expect items to show up in a week or so, especially for cross-border shipping!

Hopefully things keep going OK. Got lots more items to sell but waiting for another cheap listing period for most of them. Some of my more expensive items I am going to post this week with Buy it Now prices.

One thing I totally screwed up on was with the ending times on my auctions. I work shift work and am up at all hours so I listed things at odd hours. Not thinking at all that a lot of people just look at what is ending soon to bid on (duh), ending things at 3am on a Tuesday is a bad idea! Ah well, more info. Try to end things on an evening, some people say Fri or Sat - I think any day is probably OK but probably not to early on a Mon-Fri weekend.

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