Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ebay selling

Recently I've decided it's time to start clearing out a lot of the gear junk I've accumulated, a lot of it through online shopping - by the same means I bought a lot of it, ebay! I also started selling my knife collection, items going back 15 years. Some really good knives, some marginal, some crap, along with some of my martial arts DVDs.

So far, I've done OK. I've burned myself with shipping a couple of times (be careful there!) and I've sold a few items for less than I had hoped. The DVDs aren't selling well, maybe I need to look for a different way to sell those.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised but the folding knives get WAY more interest than the fixed blades. People are folder crazy. I can understand that, I used to feel the same way. Plus a few junk knives went for some ridiculous prices.

Selling as an auction generally does surprisingly well, people will pay more for the item at auction than the same item listed with a Buy It Now price!!! A friend of mine told my he filters out all buy it now items and several others confirmed they do the same. Weird. So a tip would be to list both an auction price and a buy it now price, I had noticed some people do that with very little spread in between, I guess it's just to make both lists (I often filter out auctions).

Been a positive experience so far but I still have a lot of items in the mail, hopefully there are no problems. I'm going on holidays so I have stopped listing items (I put about 50 up for sale, sold half so far), I have 10-20 more to list when i get back. Maybe more, I need to start digging through the mess I call "storage."

Updates to follow.


  1. Hi,
    I am a hobo with not much to do and I just happened to be passing through. I like your site, so now…
    I’m following you.
    Signed, hobo
    PS Ebay can be tough, it's hard to get noticed from what I've seen.
    But good luck with it.

  2. Thanks! My first follower :)

    Ebay has been OK so far, some mixed results, it's been a learning experience.