Monday, February 7, 2011

American Apocalypse - Fiction Book Review

Fiction book review: American ApocalypseAmerican Apocalypse: The Beginning (Beginnings), by Nova.

Available on Amazon, some sort of self published/small publisher book.  

Very impressive for that style of book, the editing was fairly well done, the book was standard quality, easy to read.

Now, for the actual book: 

The book is well paced, grabs your attention in a hurry. The setting is major urban centre U.S.A., reflecting the current state of economic decline taken to a further extent. For anyone that enjoys action novels, especially those with a survivalist bent, it's a recommended read. And, for anyone that just likes a good book - don't let the previous sentence hold you back, it's a good story that might make you think a little.

What a really enjoyed about the book was that the protagonist is joe average, an IT guy learning to function under terrible circumstances - job loss, homelessness, and a country's slow slide into poverty.

This is the first in a series of books, some of which are available on Amazon for the Kindle (love that Kindle!) as well. The author also maintains a website where he publishes chapters of the books and interacts with fans:

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