Saturday, October 8, 2011

50th post

Wow, I can hardly believe I'm already at 50 posts.  A huge thank you to everyone that reads and has commented on my blog.  This has been a really great experience so far.

Some great news:

I am getting my transfer!  I'm British Columbia bound, I'll be living in a town (small city?) on the ocean.  It's going to be a huge and amazing change.  After 12 years living north of 68, I'm going to be south of 60!

I don't think I'll change my blog name though, I'll still be further north than most  :)   Plus I may be coming back here to work periodically and I still have family and friends here.

Exhibit A on reasons to leave:

Yep, that's snow and it's here to stay.  This is the view from my front door yesterday.  It's been snowing here for about 2 weeks but it's mostly melted until now.  This is actually a pretty late start for snow cover.

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