Monday, October 29, 2012

My first earthquake

FYI, I am not dead.

Had my first earthquake Saturday, slept right through it!  My son felt the earthquake than got an alert on his phone.  He woke us up to tell us there was a tsunami warning and we were supposed to evacuate.  The lack of information was disconcerting, tons of websites were down (traffic overload, I assume) and the Canadian sites were way behind the US.

I spoke to some friends and decided we were fine where we were.  Our house is very high up and there really wasn't time to go inland, plus, that would involve going lower than where we live.  We considered driving up a mountain but I decided that would be more dangerous than the unlikely tsunami, trying to drive up a narrow road in the dark with some very severe cliffs.  We did offer to shelter quite a few people but only my son's girlfriend took us up on it.  Most of the locals were a bit dismissive of the situation, even though sections of the city were being evacuated by emergency services.

Turned out to be a minimal wave (less than 2 feet) and we had no damage to our house.  We were lucky, this time.

Stay safe everyone and be prepared.  Certainly be prepared with plans and supplies, all your preps, but be prepared for what may come by loving your family, forming close friendships, and trying to enjoy each day.

My best wishes to everyone, especially those who are suffering on the east coast right now.

Take care and I hope you are safe, warm, and surrounded by those you care about.

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