Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Eberlestock backpacks

I'll be doing some more detailed reviews of some eberlestock backpacks - eventually - but wanted to just drop a little line here to say how much I truly love them.

I talked a little about the F3 Halftrack in a previous post, and still consider it a great pack.  I picked up the Gunslinger II after and have nothing really negative to say about it, enjoyed it a lot and the scabbard was super handy.  I also bought the incredible expensive V90 Battleship in anticipation for an upcoming 1-2 week survival training course, I couldn't take another excursion with my old MEC pack.  Sadly, I had to cancel the trip after we moved and haven't used it since, I think I may end up selling it.  I don't want to, I spent a ridiculous amount of money for it and I love it but....we will see.  I wish I had got the waterproof fleece version now that I have moved to such a wet area.

My EDC-to-work bag has now changed.  I moved from the halftrack to the gunslinger II to (briefly) the X1A1 and now have settled on the Blue Widow.

All are great packs and the Blue Widow review and a discussion on work/BOB will be coming as soon as I have time to write it  :)

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