Thursday, September 1, 2011


This seems to have turned into my personal fitness blog lately. Sorry, haven't been out in the bush much this summer. Was gone for several weeks on training/vacation and have been pretty busy with work. I did get out fishing a couple of times over the last week. My wife caught a lot of fish. I caught some very large seaweed. Repeatedly. Most impressive. :-)

We went out canoeing yesterday afternoon; it was a beautiful day, we had a great time. I was a little stiff at first and the paddle was too short for me (rental canoe) but no damage done, my body continues to hold up quite well. We were pretty out of sync for a while, too much sideways, not enough forward, lol. Had some sandwiches, enjoyed the scenery, then back home for a couple of hours sleep and a long night shift ahead. I am taking at least 3 classes this semester and am feeling pretty unmotivated - time to get cracking on some studying. I applied for a supervisor's position in BC (in case my transfer doesn't happen) and need to study for that also. Too bad all I want to do is read my Kindle and work out.

I just love this time of year, too bad it's so damn short. Snow should be on the ground in 3 weeks or so *sigh*. I'm really not looking forward to 8 months of snow.

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