Sunday, August 14, 2011

Don't be a dick on ebay

So my probably final ebay selling spree is in full swing. Most of my knives are gone, soon I will just be selling some miscellaneous items and probably some gun stocks.

It's been pretty good this time but I again got a whiney message about shipping.

Seriously, I have all the shipping info listed and I emailed the person a separate message when I shipped it. It's been 8 FREAKING DAYS!!!!!!!!!! You paid for regular shipping, I said it would be at least 2 weeks if not 3. *sigh* But I just responded with a nice message, reiterating the shipping information and thanking him for being patient and for buying the item. I can understand a little, people want their stuff right away (too bad they won't pay for that).

I had an annoying experience myself the other day. I was looking for a new forend for my mossberg 590, something with picatinny rails, and saw one that interested me. The listing for for a mossberg 500/590 but when I looked at the picture (and it was a personal pic, not one pulled off the net), the label on the part clearly stated it was for a remington 870. Also, the person had included a link to the manufacturer's website about the item....clicked on it and it went to the 870 description.

It wouldn't be the first time I've gotten incorrect parts, either remington parts for my mossberg or vice versa so I messaged him to confirm what gun his item was for. I listed the above confusion over the listing (wrong picture, wrong link) and asked him to confirm the item was for the mossberg.

His response:

Read the listing.

Wow, that's some swell customer service (ebay business). I know who I will NEVER buy from.


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