Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Oh, right, Spring was yesterday

That was quick - as usual. A few days ago we were still relatively buried in snow, today it's pretty much all gone. There are pretty much two seasons here - a long winter and a short summer. Snow was on the ground in September and is usually gone by mid to late May. Spring seems like a couple of days but is actually the 2-3 weeks of -10 to -20 C weather we usually get, fall can be a little longer if you consider the -10 to 0 C weather as fall.

Good times.

24 hour daylight is already upon us, it's funny how I don't even pay attention anymore to the sheer bizarreness of it being bright as day at midnight. Still getting a sunset/sunrise but not for too much longer.

The ice roads are all out, most of the communities are all back to fly-in only conditions. Some of the lucky ones do have summer roads with ferry crossings, ferries should be up and running by the end of the month if the weather stays this warm. They can't run until all the major ice floes are broken up, but with the temps reaching 20C, it really shouldn't be too long.

The good news is that it's dog walking season for my little pooches and we can be out camping again soon. Need to try and get some time in before the bugs come out and ruin the summer! Now, if I can just get some time off work.....

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